Street Collection by MEJD Studio – Minimalist Street Inspired Tabletop Furniture

Street Collection Minimalist Desk Furniture by Mejd Studio

The Street Collection by MEJD Studio is a series of tabletop furniture modelled on objects more typically found on streets such as road signs, electricity cable poles and streetlights. These everyday public space adornments have been scaled down but still perform in largely the same way in a tabletop setting. The designers didn’t attribute the piece to a particular room or purpose although I think it would be best suited to a cosmetics dressing table.

Power Cable Hanger Stand in Street Collection Desk Furniture by Mejd STudio

In a cosmetics dressing table setting the power cable pole could be used for hanging jewellery, the street light providing illumination for the painting of nails, and the road sign mirror used for applying make-up. However the Street Collection equipment could likewise be incorporated into a working desk environment, with the electrical pole aptly being used for hanging spare cables, the street light being used as a reading lamp and the mirror could perhaps be adapted to serve as a picture frame, or kept as is of course.

Desk Lamp in Street Collection Desk Furniture

Both the design and the materials used in the Street Collection are decidedly minimalist with the range being made of concrete and unfinished wood. Copper has also been incorporated for the rim of the mirror, the pole of the light and as bracing supports in the hanger. The cast concrete base gives the set weight and prevents it from falling over while also staying true to the street theme.

Road Sign Mirror in Street Collection

The 3 existing pieces in the Street Collection slot into the concrete base and are removable. It could be an option for MEJD Studio to expand the series with more tabletop tools making it a modular and customisable range allowing the user to chose which furnishings they require. However this could be somewhat limited by the decision to make the shapes of the slotting poles different with a circle for the mirror, a triangular based for the copper pole of the light, and a square shape for the electricity pole.

Components removable from concrete block in Street Collection by Mejd Studio

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