Solar Roof Tiles and Powerwall System by Tesla & SolarCity

Solar Roof Tiles and Powerwall System by Tesla & SolarCity

After the recent merger between Elon Musk’s Tesla and SolardCity, the companies have unveiled a residential solar roof system with both aesthetics and viability for widespread adoption in mind. Tesla’s Powerwall 2 — essentially a house battery — is capable of storing a day’s worth of electricity while SolarCity have designed a series of tempered glass roof tiles that resemble traditional tile materials such as terracotta and slate.

Various Styles of Traditional Solar Roof TIles

Tesla's Power Wall House Battery

This was achievable with SolarCity’s innovative louver film, which obscures the unsightly electrical components of each tile when viewed from street level, but exposes the solar cells freely to the sun above (illustrated below). This film is coloured to resemble slate or terracotta roof tiles and is then coated with a layer of tempered glass capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions such as heavy hail.

Solar City's Coloured Louver Film Obscures Solar Cell Components

Smooth Glass Roof TIles in Modern Residential House

We need to make solar panels as appealing as electric cars have become, the goal is to have solar roofs that look better than a normal roof.Elon Musk

Ridged Tuscan Terracotta Roof Tiles as Solar Roof TIles

A key target with the system is that it is economically viable for standard households, and SolarCity forecast that once future utility bill savings have been accounted for, the solar roof tiles will cast less than a conventionally tiled roof.

Textured Glass Solar Roof Tiles in American Architecture

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