Waiatarua House by Hamish Monk Architecture

Green Lawn Contrasted against Stark Black Timber Cladding at Waiatarua House

Black timber cladding stands in stark contrast to the lush green vegetation that surrounds Waiatarua House in Auckland, New Zealand. The project was completed by Hamish Monk Architecture and borders onto a nearby creek — which is somewhat obscured by the sheer quantity of trees and other bush flora that it supports.

Interior and Roof Terraces of Waiatarua House with Green Surroundings

Waiataurua House is composed of several simple rectilinear volumes, which are conjoined to develop a stepped formation that follows the contours of the site. This tiered layout creates additional outside space, with the tops of the lower volumes accommodating roof terraces for their preceding rooms. The way in which Waiatarua House has been stacked is most visible in the image below.

3 Stacked Volumes Composing Waiatarua House by Hamish Monk Architecture

Facade of Waiatarua House with Lattice Panel

Conceived as a series of sculptural components, the design plays on purity and scale of the program articulated through three simple elemental forms that step down the site towards the creek – the roof of one floor creating a level platform for the next.Hamish Monk Architecture

Balcony Supported by Tiered Volumes at Waiatarua House

Minimalist Open Plan Living Space and Kitchen at Waiatarua House

Fern Flora Surrounding Minimalist Dwelling by Hamish Monk Architecture

The dwelling was designed with an overwhelmingly minimalist exterior, which while not exactly in keeping with its natural surroundings, has a sense of muted subtlety that somehow causes the viewers eye to skim over it; the house exists but it doesn’t feature any superfluous detail.

Waiatarua House by Hamish Monk Architecture

The design intentionally does not try to compete or mimic the wild beauty and intricacy expressed in surrounding natural environment, but rather assumes quiet, understated position in contrast – a reductivist idiom, stripped of excessive articulation and noise.Hamish Monk Architecture

Sliding Doors onto Balcony Overlooking Surrounding Bush in New Zealand

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