Fixie Pizza Cutter by DOIY – Rotating Bicycle Wheel Pizza Slicer

Fixie Pizza Cutter Bumblebee by DOIY

The Fixie Pizza Cutter by DOIY is undoubtedly the perfect gift idea for cycling fanatics and pizza lovers alike. Its playful bike design has rotating wheels with razor sharp edges which slice your pizza as you roll them over it in a similar way to a traditional disc pizza slicer.

Using the Fixie Pizza Cutter by DOIY in Kitchen

The incorporation of two separate cutting wheels might seem somewhat superfluous but they actually make it more effortless to use than single disc pizza slicers by providing more stability. It’s like riding a bike versus riding a unicycle (which few have mastered).

Humorously, the bicycle analogy has been continued by including stands into which the rear wheels can slot into to keep the Fixie Pizza Cutter standing upright while not in use. You can therefor keep it on prominent display in your kitchen and big up your hipster credentials.

Fixie Pizza Slicers with Stands

Don’t be fooled into thinking the Fixie Pizza Cutter is just an artists concept or even a hoax product like the absurd £350 Gear Grinder coffee mill, it’s a real product that will soon be available to order through DOIY. It’s been reasonably priced at €18 (£15 / $25) making it a great gift idea which is sure to amuse the recipient while also actually being quite useful.

Fixie Pizza Cutter Gift Idea Packaging

Watermelon Fixie Pizza Cutter by DOIY - Rotating Razor Wheels

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