Watercolour Paintings Mixed with Water at Destination by Hannah Jesus Koh

Grand Canyon Watercolour by Hannah Jesus Koh on Instagram

Hannah Jesus Koh has been travelling across some of the USA’s and Iceland’s most notable sites, and painting what she sees in her trusty Moleskine watercolour notebook. But what is particularly interesting about Hannah’s paintings, and what makes them especially appropriate mementoes for the destinations, is that she uses water she finds at the site to mix and dilute her watercolours. Therefor residue from the landscape becomes inexplicably bonded to the paper as the watercolour dries.

Watercolour Painting of Gorge by Hannah Jesus Koh on Instagram

Golden Gate Bridge Watercolour by Hannah Koh mixed with Saltwater

For example Hannah Jesus Koh’s watercolour of San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge was painted using Pacific salt water collected from the beach below, while her paintings in colder climates were mixed using melted snow, glacier and iceberg. To top it off her portrayal of Brooklyn Bridge was even painted using cheap coffee. This technique started when Hannah was painting Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland, and found that the mist and water vapour that emanated from the plunging falls was enough to paint with.

Moonrise Kingdom Watercolour Painting by Hannah Jesus Art

Waterfall Bridge Painting by Hannah Jesus Koh

Dyrholaey Iceland Watercolour Painting by Hannah Jesus Koh

It’s nice to know an elemental part of the scene will always be a literal part of my painting. The salty Arctic sea spray is infused into my painting of Dyrhólaey. Drops from the largest ocean on Earth permeate my small painting of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Pacific Northwest rain rains into my painting of Multnomah Falls. And cheap black coffee from a hole-in-the-wall joint in Brooklyn colors in the bricks of the Brooklyn Bridge.Hannah Jesus Koh

Brooklyn Bridge, NY by Hannah Koh painted with Coffee

Yosemite Cliffside Watercolour Painting by Hannah Koh from Snowmelt

You can see more of Hannah Koh’s watercolour paintings on her Instagram, as well as plenty of other great photographs from her travels. Hannah has also created a postcard booklet from 20 of her works which she sells through her website here.

Iceland Glacier Watercolour Painting with Iceberg Melt Paint

McWay Creek Bridge Watercolour by Hannah Koh

Watercolour Painting by Saltwater Mix by Hannah Jesus Art

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  1. john

    The paint dries as the water evapourates leaving the pigment behind.
    The paintings become almost totally free of any trace of the water as the paint dries

    1. Avatar photo Author

      This is a very basic understanding of how paint works. However this would only be the case with distilled water. Are you suggesting that the salt of the seawater and the silt sediment present in river water evaporates too?

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