CAWA Water Server by Lucas González

CAWA Water Server by Lucas González

‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ as the inane old adage goes, but if the realm of design was indeed confined by this saying then the world would be a rather primitive place. Lucas González perceived a distinct change in the way that water jugs were used, and set out to redesign this humble vessel for his final degree project.

CAWA Water Jar by Lucas González in Minimalist Setting

CAWA is his take on the evolution of the water container and revolves around the notion that water jugs are now primarily used for serving, rather than for the transportation and storage of water. This was the case prior to taps becoming commonplace in houses, but the necessity for transporting water has continued to dictate the form of table-top bottles.

Close-up of Spout of CAWA

While this change might appear insignificant, the subtle improvements in function are manyfold. Bottles are narrow necked to minimise the amount of liquid spilled if the vessel is toppled, and to allow a stopper to store water between visits to the river or well. But a narrow neck slows the pouring of water when serving, and causes an irregular flow due to the air bubbles passing through the neck. CAWA has a cylindrical form and a subtle spout to allow water to flow smoothly, and this coupled with the elegant plywood stand makes pouring water effortless.

Pouring water with Cawa

CAWA is a water jar conceived under a new perspective. It’s an object that answers two simple questions. Why do we serve as we serve? Why are water jars as they are? Traditionally water jars were made to transport water up and down, and this defined the shape they had. Nowadays water jars have their own place in homes, and this may change things.

Since the function of the water jar is no longer to transport, a revision of the object is perfectly possible. Taking the concept of gesture as the leitmotif of my project I have developed a jar where pouring water is reduced to a simple movement of the arm, making the act of serving more gentle and effortless for everyone. Since the way of use has changed, so will its shape. That enabled me to do design a new aesthetic approach to the object. The result is a very simple but functional object that provides the user a new experience when serving water.Lucas González

Close-up of Base of CAWA Water Server

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