Swing Tables and Bars by Duffy London

People Sitting at one of Christopher Duffy's Swing Tables

Christopher Duffy has made a name for himself as a designer with his playful and original furniture concepts that explore the themes of motion and gravity. The Swing Table is a particular example of this, and presents an all-in-one furniture piece that incorporates several swinging chairs, a table surface and lighting. It’s perhaps not the most functional piece of furniture to grace this website, but certainly one of the funner creations when it comes to the mundane realm of corporate boardrooms.

Close-up of Suspended Low-Poly Chair Frames in Swing Table

Geometric seat shells hang freely from the rectilinear steel frame and are suspended with steel wire rope that is stoppered with walnut pegs. The low poly geometric style of the seats is continued in the lamp shade of the integrated pendant light.

Portrait View of Swing Table Framework

Swing Table by Duffy London

Swing Bars

Dr Strangelove Swing Bar by Duffy London

Along with their Swing Tables, Duffy London have also created hollowed out Swing Bars, ideal for restaurants, with easy access doors to the centre for staff members. There’s a Dr. Strangelove edition modelled on the iconic circular war room table seen in Stanley Kubrick’s brilliant film ‘Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb’.

The film features the classic line ‘You can’t fight in here! This is the war room!’, and indeed the leaders might have been a lot more mellow if they had been sitting at a Swing Bar. Duffy London also created a more space-efficient rectangular version which can seat 23.

Swing Bar by Christopher Duffy London

We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.George Bernard Shaw

Small 4 Person Swing Table with Red Detailing


Swing Tables start at £4,800 for a 4-seater installation with tonnes of configurable features such as a higher seat count, or the option for integrated lighting, which can rack up a £10,000 price tag. The Swing Bars don’t have customisable options and are instead priced at a flat £22,000 for the 23 seater Swing Bar, or £19,000 for the 15 seater Dr. Strangelove inspired variety. Rather expensive for someone’s house, but quite a realistic proposition for high-end bars and restaurants.

Selection of Swing Tables and Swing Bars

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