Geta Modular Sideboard Cabinets by Arik Levy



The name of this modular sideboard cabinet system refers to the traditional form of Japanese footwear, the Geta, which are essentially wooden flip-flops elevated by two ‘teeth’ to keep the wearer’s feet dry. The resemblance between this footwear and Geta furniture is startling and yet the design is also perfectly fitting for a cabinet plinth and is highly functional with a minimalist air. Designed by Arik Levy, a Parisian artist and furniture designer, the Geta collection is currently in production with Modus Furniture. Not only does this collection consist of the modular sideboard cabinets as pictured, there is also a range of Geta Low Sofas which have modular compositions as well.


Geta modular sideboards are available in 11 configurations which are laid out in this pdf brochure. These are entitled GET001 up to GET011 and all have consistent depths of 500mm while the lengths of the units range between 1300mm for the GEt003 up to 2600mm for the GET009. The main cabinet sections of the Geta sideboards are made of MDF while the base and feet of the units are made of solid oak. A wide range of finishes are available for the upper sections of the cabinets which includes a choice of oak veneer and 8 different colours of lacquer. The modular sideboards have sections which consist of traditional hinged cabinet doors, drawers, sliding doors and open shelving.




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