Stairs Stick Sculpture by David Moreno


Sculptor David Moreno created these intricate sculptures using nothing more than thin wooden sticks. The complex staircases span multiple flights around several corners, and connect two imposing arched doorways. The wall-mounted sculptures also cast shadows which are just as remarkable as the works themselves.



Other Works

Floating Cities


While David Moreno’s Stair sculptures have a distinctively grandiose, medieval aesthetic, his other works tend to represent much more ramshackle structures such as primitive huts and floating cities on stilts. These chaotic sculptures are best viewed from a distance where the overall composition can be better taken in.


Corrugated Cardboard Pavillion


David Moreno also teamed up with architect Miguel Arraiz to create this temporary cardboard art installation in the Spanish city of Valencia. The sculpture, composed of hexagonal pillars similar to the basaltic Giant’s Causeway in Northern Island, represented a cave in which people could walk. The corrugated cardboard installation was burnt at the end of its 5 day duration.




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