Base NUD Collection Lighting

NUD Collection Base Light

The NUD Collection is a highly customisable range of home lighting sold online. It takes a whole new approach to buying a light by allowing you to select all the aspects of your fitting including the light socket, flex cable and light bulb from a wide array of choices to create a truly personalised light fitting.

Multiple NUD Collection Base Lights in Kitchen

NUD lights have a very minimalist style but have a wide range of high quality details you can add to your light. Separate ranges exist such as Base lights as featured here which have concrete light sockets for an industrial, brutal style or the Aqua range with copper fittings. There’s even terracotta fittings and a super colourful African line with tribal patterns.

As for the cords, there’s also 45 different choices from plain white to a silver cloud mesh, a multicoloured weave or even denim jeans! You can also select your light bulb and they stock some really specialist options although they certainly come at a premium compared to what you’d usually expect to pay. They really do look amazing though with coiled filaments or mirrored glass as pictured below.

NUD Base Light with Mirrored Glass

Not only do NUD Collection lights look great on their own or combined with others as pictured in a kitchen interior below, they also make the perfect bases from which to develop your own DIY lighting project. We’ve stumbled across a few of these online and will write another entry in the future with our top 5 NUD light creations.

Base Light by NUD

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