Luxurious LED Light Bulbs and Hardware by Buster + Punch

Punch + Buster Light Bulbs with Pendant Holders

Light bulbs are rarely something worth getting excited about but this certainly isn’t the case with the Buster + Punch series. Massimo Buster set out to re-design the mundane, giving what were once depressingly uniform objects a unique flair. As well as light bulbs, their range also features some rather natty switches and plug sockets — again objects we typically tend to try and ignore.

Luxury Light Switch Covers by Buster and Punch

Many of Buster + Punch’s pieces bare signature knurled textures on their notably solid metal knobs. These diamond-cut finishes are found on the dimmer switches and furniture knobs, but this theme even extends to a series of candle holders Massimo Buster has also designed.

Knurled Copper Candle Holders by Massimo Buster

Buster + Punch Heavy Metal Pendant Light

The LED bulbs feature a resin tube which both reflects the light outwards for an ambient glow, while also focusing a portion of the luminosity directly downwards to serve as a spotlight. This phenomenon is faintly visible in the picture below with straight beams of light emanating from each bulb.

Array of Designs by Massimo Buster

Surprisingly, these outlandish-looking bulbs will actually fit a standard E27 socket, but they definitely best compliment Buster + Punch’s ‘Heavy Metal’ pendant series. The unique bulbs cost £40 each, but bare in mind they are LED lights so should have a decent lifespan. Customers have a choice between 3 different glass finishes: crystal, smoked or gold, to alter the tone of light they give off — a common grievance with LED bulbs.

Buster Bulb with Gold Glass Finish

Furniture Handle Hardware by Buster + Punch

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  1. Jamie

    The light switches are right up my alley! My home office has a footstool with chrome legs and the light switches would really compliment the look I have going, bit on the pricey side but it’s not something you see often. Great stuff.

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