CRAFT 2.0 Wooden Gear Extending Table by Renier Winkelaar

The Craft 2.0 Table by Studio Renier Winkelaar

Renier Winkelaar cited inspiration from the wooden mechanism connections of old Dutch windmills when designing his CRAFT 2.0 table. This remarkable piece of furniture, created solely using traditional joinery methods, features a quirky wooden cog device which extends the table leaves when turned.

Extending the Craft 2.0 Table Leaves Using a Wooden Crank

The simple mechanism behind CRAFT 2.0’s extending table leaves is a wooden gear cog (turned with a detachable crank), which bites into tooth hills that run along the base of the leaves themselves. Sure, the fact that the table leaves extend through a cog mechanism is somewhat pointless, but it’s these delightful little superfluous details that make a piece of furniture design something worth celebrating.

Wooden Cog and Tooth Hill Table Leaf Mechanism

Designer Renier Winkelaar at a Craft 2.0 Table

Often I hear people of a certain generation say, “back in the days all furniture used to be better, you bought it for the life after you’ve got married.” At the present time you can find many furniture manufactured in bulk, furniture that are perfected in terms of price/quality due to modern manufacturing processes. This furniture is designed and produced to go along a style period and then to be replaced.

In my opinion, inspiration lacks in this furniture and there is little story to tell. After this observation, I wondered whether what people of previous generations say about anything used to be better can be achieved in the present time. If a sense of quality, solidity and an emotional value can be created, all of this, with a modern twist.Renier Winkelaar

Ratchet Key for Extending the Craft 2.0 Table Leaves

Side View of the Craft 2.0 Table Construction

Renier Winkelaar doesn’t have a website shop for his designs, but you can email him to enquire about buying a Craft 2.0 table of your own here.

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