Eve Mattress with Typographic Designs

Eve Mattress in Room with Box

Eve set out to design the perfect mattress, and to show how seriously they take this goal, their product range consists of just one model. This is a refreshing alternative to the status quo, in which manufacturers seem to bombard customers with countless variations (that all seem to be suspiciously similar except in price).

Plain Eve Mattress

Eve Mattress in Industrial Interior Design

Eve Mattress on Wood Pallet Bed

The Eve mattress has a structure composed of several distinct layers of foam, which gradually get firmer towards the base of the mattress. This starts with an ultra-soft latex foam surface padding, onto memory foam and finally reflex foam as a base. What’s interesting is that because there are no metal coils in Eve mattresses, they can be delivered and moved up staircases while rolled up in a box. Eve feature a lot of images on their website of these boxed mattress on bicycles, (although I shouldn’t imagine this delivery method is offered nationwide).

Eve Mattress Rolled up in Box

Eve Mattress - Memory Foam Mattresses with Typographic Designs

Eve also seem to be the first mattress makers to actually care about the aesthetics of their beds, with a decidedly modern white and yellow trim and some rather cool typographic prints. These typographical designs are described as special editions, with a choice between the poetry of Wordsworth, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Treasure Island, Huckleberry Finn, or an array of selected quotes on the subject of mornings.

Eve Mattress in Bedroom with Typographic Special Edition Design

Materials Used in Eve Mattress Covers

Manufacturing Process of Eve Mattress Cover

The typography special editions don’t actually cost any extra than one of the standard Eve mattresses in the equivalent size, and the price of an Eve Mattress ranges from £350 for the cheapest UK single, up to £700 for a Super King size. Interestingly, Eve also cater to ‘Ikea’ sizes, which vary by around 10cm and have become something of a standard in the UK, with compatibility issues with fitted sheets and the like. The Eve mattress design seems to have received generally positive reviews on their website, but it would be really appreciated if you could share your experience in the comments below.

Couple SItting on Eve Mattresses

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  1. james

    Interesting concept, I’ve never seen a mattress that looks like it’s actually been designed before. Are you supposed to put fitted sheets around an Eve mattress still or is the typography on a cover that zip off for washing?

    1. Avatar photo Author

      Yep some very cool typography, the Eve mattress isn’t only a design concept though, they’re available to buy online. As far as I’m aware the cover does zip off and is washable

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