Stumble Upon Rug Corner Coffee Table by Alessandro Isola

Rendering of Stumble Upon Rug in Minimalist Room

Alessandro Isola’s ‘Stumble Upon’ offers an elegantly simple solution to integrating a coffee table into a rug with a playful yet sleek design. A corner of the carpet is simply folded over, and while the overturned edge of a rug might typically present a nuisance, Stumble Upon’s corner provides a flat surface for drinks and other objects.

Close-up of the Polished Reflective Underside of Stumble Upon Rug by Allesndro Isola

The reverse side of a rug is rarely something worth celebrating but in the case of Stumble Upon, the luxurious polished and reflective ‘underside’ contrasts sharply with the soft surface of the carpet. But the contrast isn’t the only sharp thing about this rug, and I certainly wouldn’t want to catch my shins on its edges.

Close-up of the soft carpet surface and folded corner

It’d be pretty amazing if the folded-over corner table could also be laid flat so that Stumble Upon could revert to a normal rug when not in use. But unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case from these images, and the lengthy yet vague description on the designer’s site doesn’t impart any actual details.

Alessandro Isola does visualise on his site how multiple Stumble Upon rugs can be combined and tessellated across a room, although it definitely loses it’s natural feel when there happens to be more than one overturned rug corner.

Stumble Upon Coffee Table Rug Corner by Alessandro Isola

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