EDC Card: Everyday Carry Steel Multi-Tool by Cha-O-Ha

EDC Card in an Everyday Carry Kit

The EDC Card is a wallet sized steel multi-tool designed by Tyler Lacor of Cha/O/Ha. EDC stands for EveryDay Carry: the personal paraphernalia including tools and utilities people wouldn’t want to be caught without. These items are often defined by being compact and high quality and the EDC Card certainly qualifies as both.

The card is made from 2.4mm thick CPM S35VN steel with a zirconium nitride PVD coating (pretty serious stuff), and features over 30 tools. This includes 23 sizes of hex wrench, both imperial and metric rulers, prybar, scraper, screwdrivers, and of course the mandatory bottle opener.

Diagram of Tools Included in EDC by Cha:O:Ha

Harder than titanium and half the price-S35VN is a very high quality blade steel that is designed to hold an edge, be corrosion resistant and have a large amount of inherent strength.Cha-O-Ha Design Co.

Everday Carry Card Multi-Tool Fitting into a Wallet

With its remarkably thin shape and credit card dimensions, this multi-tool can fit within any wallet. That’s the key advantage of the EDC multi-tool card: its something you’ll always have with you without even thinking about it, for those (perhaps rare) instances when you need it most.

Using the EDC Multi-Tool Card on a Bicycle Wheel

I think you should only have to buy something once, and I kept that in mind when I set out to make this tool. Why would you ever want to buy something more than once?Tyler Lacor

Using the Variable Hex Wrench on a Bolt

In my mind, the EDC Card is the perfect Kickstarter campaign. It feels a lot more personal than many of the high-profile projects that have been gracing the platform recently, which seem to be using the service for publicity and advertising rather than for raising essential funds. Ultimately niche projects like the EDC Card are what crowdfunding is all about and I hope to see more of them.

Using Screwdriver from EDC Tool on a Skateboard

I was a bit late on this one and the Kickstarter campaign has already met its target and finished, but you can now pre-order  your own EDC multi-tools from the Cha-O-Ha website for $60.

Everyday Carry Card by Tyler Lacor

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