WITHMILK Stackable Tea and Coffee Set by doiy

Withmilk Tea and Coffee Set by doiy

doiy have made a name for themselves with their selection of unique products that masterfully merge playfulness with great design. Their Fixie Pizza Cutter that we featured previously and the recently added Foosball player bottle opener are great examples of this, and while the Withmilk tea and coffee set is perhaps a touch less wacky, it is a fun, well thought out piece that is sure to find its way into student flats and picnic baskets alike.

The modular set is comprised of four cups (which could serve either as small teacups, or large coffee cups), an extra bowl for biscuits/sugar/used tea bags, and finally a milk jug. These pieces stack compactly to form the shape of a retro styled milk jug, making for a great display piece while also being a remarkably practical set ideal for garden parties.

Withmilk Components Laid Out for Coffee

Withmilk is currently for sale on doiy’s site for €35 although they seem to change their range over time and it might not be available for long. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the material used is ceramic porcelain so make sure you pack the set carefully if picnicking with it to avoid breakages.

Using Withmilk at Picnic

Withmilk Stackable Tea and Coffee Set by doiy

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