Pedroso House by BAK Architects

Pedroso House by BAK Architects

The Pedroso House as pictured here is one of the latest but also one of the last incarnations of BAK Arquitectos who have since divided into two separate entities: Besonias Almeida and Luciano Kruk. Truly the masters of small scale, residential concrete based architecture, BAK architects were an Argentinian firm who developed their unique style of many-faceted structures with each side baring their own stunning compositions. If you’d like to see further examples of this similar to the Pedroso House, then the Cher House, JD House and the AV House might also be of interest to you.

Pedroso House Rear Side View

The front of the Pedroso House faces the road but a degree of privacy has been achieved by employing a low, leg height window at the bottom of the wall and a sheer concrete section above. However as you can see in the picture of the interior below, there’s no compromise in light entering the living space due to the floor-to-ceiling windowed sliding doors which open onto the rear.

Pedroso House Interior

Pedroso House Evening Lit

The use of concrete doesn’t stop at just the walls of House Pedroso, the architects have made full use of the material and all of the interior and furnitures apart from the sofas and dining chairs are composed of it. Even the bed and the dining table are cantilevered concrete slabs as are the stairs that connect the varying levels of Casa Pedroso together. All of these cast concrete furnishings were poured on site making the entire dwelling feel like a single entity.

Pedroso House is situated within a pine forest at Mar Azul in Buenos Aires and somehow the use of concrete and the scarce use of dark wood on the front door and decking blend well against this backdrop. In some ways, Pedroso House was built to fit its site which has a steep elevation that spans 2.5m across the building.

Pedroso House Rear Evening Lit

Pedroso House Decking

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