Chalk Animal Trompe L’œil Street Art by David Zinn

Trompe l'oeil missing bricks illusion street art by David Zinn

David Zinn’s chalk artworks make use of anamorphic perspective and surrounding street fixtures — whether they be railings, steps, or even a light — to create startlingly deceptive chalk drawings on the streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan. These illusions come under the umbrella of trompe l’oeil and the techniques make the most unlikely scene seem like real parts of the built environment. Of course the animal and monster subject matters are far from realistic, but they inject an element of fun into an otherwise sombre city setting.

Squirrel Family baloon anamorphic street art by David Zinn

When I started drawing in public, the question I got most often from people was “When did you start drawing?” The only response to that question is to say “I started drawing the same time you started drawing.” And the logical question to ask them is “When did you stop?”David Zinn

3 mice resucing a dog in trompe l'oeil street art by David Zinn in Michigan

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that art is something only a few people are equipped to do, and they have to do it with really expensive tools in private, exotic attics and studios for careful consumption in appropriate places.David Zinn

3D Perspective Chalk Street Art of a fish in paving stone

Trompe l'oeil street art of a cat behind bars

I think the more people that get comfortable with whatever kind of creativity works for them, the better off the world’s going to be.David Zinn

Mice romance street art in chalk by David Zinn in Ann Arbor

Due to chalk being the medium of these artworks, they aren’t permanent and will wash away in the rain. I think even the staunchest city planners would find it hard to object to more permanent paint being used for such innocuous and joyful curiosities, but luckily David Zinn has immortalised his works through photographs and plans to publish them in book form.

Trompe L'oiel Window ledge on a brick wall by David Zinn in Chalk

David Zinn released his first book ‘Lost and Unfounded’ in 2013 and is currently raising funds through Indiegogo to publish his second: ’Temporary but Preserved’.

Blue monster eating a concrete bench illusion by David Zinn

Isometric 3d perspective mouse maze street art by David Zinn

Mouse reading a book under a street light in trompe l'oeil chalk street at by David Zinn

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