WIRT Modular Hallway Storage Host by MANADA

Fixed WIRT Hallway Storage in Minimalist Interior Corner

Mexican design firm Manada° have created WIRT, a piece of modular hallway furniture with an elegant minimalist design. In fact WIRT actually comprises several different objects typically found in hallways into one system in which elements such as a mirror, umbrella stand and side table are hooked onto a horizontal bar.

Reconfiguring WIRT Modular Hallway Host by MANADA

Wirt actually translates into German as host, the idea being that WIRT is there to greet you – to serve as a butler or caddy – when you enter your home. The full title of the furniture piece from Manada° is ‘WIRT an elegant host’, and the minimalist black oak material, coupled with the abundance of uncomplicated straight lines and right angles, certainly gives the set an air of elegance.

Close-up of the Hooking Bar of WIRT Modular System

Although WIRT is primarily intended for the hallway, many of its modules would be just as well suited to the bedroom. After all there’s a full length mirror, lights, side table and hangers – perfect for storing your personal paraphernalia at night and for getting dressed in the morning.

Warm Incandescent Lightbulbs in WIRT Hallway Host by MANADA

WIRT is reconfigurable to an extent with elements such as the mirror, hangers and magazine rack simply hooking over a horizontal bar – although the two incandescent light bulbs appear to be fixed in place. This modular system enables users to rearrange the components as they desire and would also allow Manada° to create add-on pieces to the WIRT range over time.

Full Length Mirror, Magazine Rack and Shelving of WIRT Hallway Unit

WIRT has already scooped up a 2014 Interior Innovation Award from the German Design Council and is scheduled for production through La Invencible, a manufacturer who works closely with Manada°.

WIRT Hallway Host in Black Oak for La Invencible

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