Miito Water Heater by Chudy and Grase

Using the Miito Water Heater to Boil Water

Miito is Chudy and Grase’s revolutionary take on the kettle. In fact Miito would perhaps be better described as simply a water heater, as its form is so far detached from that of a conventional kettle. This unique design was a National Winner in the James Dyson Foundation Awards of 2014.

Mint Leaf Tea on the Miito Water Heater by Chudy and Grase

Nils Chudy’s initial inspiration for the Miito water heater was the amount of electricity conventional kettles waste. With a minimum fill line of half a litre, an average sized cup of tea for one is immediately wasting electricity, and the kettle is one of the most wattage intensive appliances in a lot of homes.

One day of extra energy use [from overfilling electric kettles] is enough to light all the streetlights in England for a night.Leyla Acaroglu, TED

Mint Tea with the Miito Water Heater (James Dyson Foundation National Winner)

Induction on the other hand is a far more efficient means of boiling water than a heated electrical element, and the small size of Miito’s rod that sits in your tea cup ensures you only heat as much water you need. The component on the end of the rod is essentially the same apparatus that you would find at the base of a regular induction saucepan and isn’t directly connected to an electricity supply.

It is perhaps a shame that the base of the Miito water heater is so large, virtually the size of a conventional kettle’s stand, and therefor takes just as much valuable kitchen worktop space. However this large base is necessary for accommodating larger vessels such as teapots and even saucepans.

Close-up of Miito's Induction Plate and Rod

The versatile nature of Miito’s heating rod means that it can work with any liquid, even milk, as it is of course much easier to clean than a conventional kettle. No harder than cleaning a tea spoon really, due to the fact that is no electrical wiring in the rod itself, although the device would be dangerously hot immediately after use.

The Minimalist Miito Kettle Amongst Food

Nils Chudy and Jasmina Grase’s Miito design is currently patent pending, and it looks as though the duo plan to put it into production some day.

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  1. B Cole

    Thought this was an amazing idea when I first read the article. However, it struck me that it involves holding the ‘want’ over a liquid which is about to be steaming away. How are the safety implications of this handled?

    1. Avatar photo Author

      You don’t have to keep holding the stick, it can rest in the cup, the picture was just for demonstration. There’s no electrical wiring in the rod itself so I can’t see any safety issues.

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