Illuminated Bookmark with LED Circuitry by Kyouei Design

Folded Bookmark Light with Battery LED Circuitry by Kouichi Okamoto

This ingenious bookmark was designed by Kouichi Okamoto for Kyouei Design and features a circuitboard printed with conductive silver nanoparticle ink onto a clear plastic film. Not only is the design of this circuitry highly aesthetic, it is actually functional. When the bookmark is folded and a coin battery held between two + and – contact points, it powers an array of four LED lights to aid reading in the dark.

Kyouei Design Bookmark in White Book

Kouichi Okamoto’s bookmark light is modestly priced for such a unique design and would make an ideal gift. It is sold on the Kyouei Design website for ¥2128 (£15 / $18) which includes worldwide delivery from Japan.

Illuminated Bookmark with LED Circuitry by Kyouei Design

Kyouei take care to point out that the CR2032 lithium coin battery required to power the LEDs isn’t included. They also emphasise the fact that only one battery should be used on the bookmark, and to ensure that the correct positive and negative contacts are made.

Minimalist Design Bookmark Light with Circuitry

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