Rollable Solar Charger by WAACS Design

Plugging USB Cable into WAACS Rollable Solar Panel Charger

Ideal for campers and commuters alike, WAACS’ innovative retractable solar panel charger allows users to top up their electronic devices when away from a mains outlet. It incorporates a flexible solar array that curls up in the aluminium cylinder, and presents a compact and durable solution for this eco-friendly means of energy generation on a personal scale.

Unrolled Solar Panel by WAACS in Park

Compact Alluminium Case of WAACS Rollable Solar Charger

WAACS are merely displaying a concept here and there are no firm details about the specifications of the device. In particular there’s no mention of the potential electrical output of the technology, future mass-production of the device, nor of prospective pricing if it were to go on sale.

Unrolling the Flexible Solar Panel

Inspired by ancient papyrus rolls combined with modern day flexible solar cells, we made sure that a lack of electricity en route will no longer be a worry.WAACS Design

Smartphone Plugged into WAACS Rollable Solar Charger

Stretching Out the Coiled Solar Array from its Case

There are of course other portable charging devices for mobile phones, but these are often based around the idea of storing electrical charge in a reserve cell or capacitor. But chances are, if you’ve forgotten to charge your phone’s battery, you’ve also forgotten to charge your backup battery and this is why WAACS’ solar panel aspect of this device isn’t a mere novelty.

WAACS Rollable Solar Charger Next to iphone

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