Piet Side Table by Hugo Passos

Piet Side Table in Yellow by Hugo Passos

The Piet side table was designed by Hugo Passos and was inspired by Piet Mondrian’s Composition With Yellow, Blue and Red abstract paintings. As a testament to the iconic series of paintings, the tables are available in 5 colours: red, yellow, blue, white and black which are incorporated into the matt lacquered surfaces of the tables.

As you can see the legs of the Piet side table are intentionally asymmetrical on multiple planes. This serves to create a disorientating illusion which causes the table to appear to have a different form when viewed from various angles. The legs are made of solid walnut and the joinery which connects the legs to the table’s surface is clearly exposed to emphasise good honest craftsmanship.

Piet Side Tables Undersides Walnut Legs

Piet side tables were stocked by Liberty last year and are still available to order from Huge Passos’ website. The tables are being sold for £323 and a majority of the colours offered are currently in stock.

We have previously featured a different set of side tables that were also inspired by Mondrian’s Composition paintings on Homeli in our geometric furniture feature. These perhaps resemble Mondrian’s works more closely but are made of powder coated metal instead of the more luxurious solid walnut and lacquered wood.

Set of 4 Mondrian Inspired Piet Side Tables

Lacquered Coloured Surfaces of Piet Tables by Hugo Passos

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