Geometric – This Week’s Top 5 Furniture Picks

Herakles Table

Close-up of Herakles TableFundamental are without a doubt one of my favourite geometric furniture design groups at the moment and some of their tables such as the Herakles simply defy belief. €780 might seem like a lot to be spending on a table but when you consider that this remarkable geometric structure has been hand made from solid oak, the question should be how is it that cheap?

While the design of the Herakles table might not offer the most practical surface, particularly when it comes to smaller items, don’t you just want to run your hands over it and through its grooves?

Designed by: Fundamental
Sold by: The Fundamental Shop
Price: €780

Herakles Table - Fundamental


Chair One by Konstantin Grcic

Chair One by Magis

A modern day designer classic, Chair One was developed in 2004 by Konstantin Grcic when given the opportunity to experiment with aluminium casting. The underlying (and all too visible) principle of Chair One was the structural integrity offered by pure 2D geometric shapes when bonded to form a 3D structure. From this angular but surprisingly comfortable chair shell, a wide array of Chair One varieties have been produced by Magis to suit a number of applications. The Chair One B sits upon a cast concrete block ideal for outdoor use while a swivel office chair base has been attached to form the 4Star desk chair. A low cost stackable polyurethane option also exists that costs just £90 making this iconic design available to anyone.

Designed by: Konstantin Grcic – Magis
Sold by: Made in Design
Price: £90 – £415


Mondrian Coffee Table

Mondrian Coffee Table from Made.comI realised how much I liked the Mondrian coffee table set while writing this list and just went ahead and ordered a set. At that price you can’t really go wrong and with their strong power coated metal construction, they’ll definitely stand the test of time.

Obviously named after Piet Mondrian’s Composition in Yellow, Red and Blue painting series, this coffee table set bares a startling resemblance to the minimalist classic when brought out but also nests away neatly.

Sold by:
Price: £105


Cay Sofa by Alexander Rehn

Cay Sofa by Alexander Rehn

A fascinating geometric sofa concept that sadly is still only in its development phase, the Cay Sofa designed by Alexander Rehn gives the user the opportunity to mould this unique furniture piece to suit their needs. Thickly padded, hinged geometric shapes sit upon angled, adjustable feet which allow the Cay Sofa to form a variety of different shapes by responding to the users body weight. This video shows members of the public trying out the sofa for the first time and shaping it to become a sofa, recliner, bed and generic relaxation pad.

Designed by: Alexander Rehn


T.SHELF (T14_v2) by J1studio

T.SHELF T14_v2 by J1studioT.SHELF is an interesting geometric, modular shelving solution that makes use of utilitarian materials, namely plywood and cable ties. Based on the structural strength that triangles offer, T.SHELF is sold as sets of triangular plywood pieces that can be used to form various shelf or table configurations. The modular nature of these building blocks also makes it possible to expand your furniture over time. However I find the price tag for such a system with intentionally cheap materials somewhat excessive.

Designed by: Jaewon Cho
Sold by: J1studio
Price: $840

This last piece in our geometric furniture selection brings us nicely onto next week’s theme which will be modular furniture. From now on instead of these weekly top 5 lists, we’ll aim to post individual articles for each themed furniture piece throughout the week. Like us on Facebook to keep up to date.

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