Forage Dining Table by Forge Creative

Forage Dining Table by Forge Creative

Food doesn’t get much more fresh than when it is picked by yourself just 30cm from your plate. The Forage Table is aptly named as it allows users to do just this, with a channel running down the centre of the table in which various herbs can be planted, grown and harvested.

Close-up of the Herb Channel

Side View of the Forage Dining Table by Forge Creative

When viewed in profile, the natural aspect of the table becomes even more apparent; completely raw silver birch tree trunks serve as legs to support the table, while the row of herbs resembles a varied forest canopy. The video below shows the making of the Forage Dining Table from the lumber yard to the finished piece.

Forage Dining Table with Herb

This remarkable dining table was created by Forge Creative, a UK based studio that have designed all manner of forest inspired furniture and obects. Many of these natural wood products are for sale through their website and the Forage Dining table pictured here is sold for £2,000.

Making the Forage Dining Table from Silver Birch Log

Silver Birch Trunk Legs

Close-up of the Joinery Detailing on the Forage Table

The Forage Dining Table with Integrated Herb Plants

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