CU Copper Watering Can by Josh Bruderer

CU Copper Watering Can by Josh Bruderer

Aptly named after the chemical symbol for copper, this watering can was designed by Josh Bruderer along with Rachael Hall and Felix Turvey while they were studying at the Massey Unviersity of Wellington in 2015. The CU water can bears an all-copper composition — with the only non-copper component being the wooden sleeve which fits around the handle. This copper can either be left unfinished to develop a patina over time, or given a sealing treatment to preserve its lustre.

CU Watering Can in Copper

With time as a central focus, we’ve created a watering can that will grow and develop throughout it’s life, becoming unique to the individual based on how they use it.Josh Bruderer

Josh Bruderer's Design Process of the CU Watering Can

Interestingly, the CU watering can features one single length of copper pipe which serves as both the handle and spout of the vessel. This spout features a diagonal cut which tapers it to a very fine tip ideal for the precise watering of indoor succulents and cacti as pictured here.

Watering a Cactus with the CU Watering Can

We can learn from Bruderer’s inital sketches that this combination handle and spout pipe was the intrinsic starting point from which the CU water can was designed, and the form of it became more elegant in further iterations.

Initial Sketches of the CU Watering Can

You can see two more of Josh Bruderer’s other designs on his Behance portfolio. Much like the CU Watering Can, they have a distinctly sculptural style to them and I for one am keen to see more of Josh’s future works.

Array of CU Watering Cans from Various Angles

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  1. Josh Bruderer

    Hi there,
    I’ve just come across this post and I’m flattered to see the Cu Watering Can featured – however I would like to point out that there were two others who were equally involved in this project; Rachael Hall and Felix Turvey.
    It would be great to see the details amended to include them!


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