Glowing Cedar Clad Fairytale Writer’s Shed in London by Weston, Surman & Deane

Cedar Clad Fairytale Writer’s Shed by Weston, Surman & Deane

WSD Architecture designed this writer’s shed at the bottom of a garden in London with a budget of just £31,000. This is one of the first projects by the multi-disciplanry firm headed up by Weston, Surman and Dean, who are off to a flying start as the Writer’s Shed has made the shortlist for the AJ Small Projects Award of 2014.

Writer's Shed View to Garden

Glowing Cedar Strip Writer's Shed in Evening

As is often the case with sheds and cabin retreats, this structure is typified by its extensive use of wood. Cedar strips have been employed as an exterior cladding with the slatted surface allowing light to shine through at night, making the Writer’s Shed appear as a glowing beacon against the grey tones of London.

Shingle cladding has also been incorporated in the verandah space at the front of the shed which accommodates log storage for the shed’s wood burning stove.

Wood Shingles and Log Storage Details

Wood Burning Stove with Surrounding Chipboard Shelving

The wood burning stove is situated at the back of the shed with its flue pipe running diagonally upwards, nestled amongst a wall of shelving. These bookshelves are made of chipboard and one of the shelf compartments subtly houses a window.

Chipboard Shelving with Integrated Window Shelf

Sink with Brass Sheet Backsplash

A small sink featuring reclaimed garden taps and a unique brass backsplash is also to be found in the complex wall of shelving. Primarily I should imagine for making cups of tea and coffee during long nights of writing, but also for cleaning out paintbrushes as the inhabitant’s line of work also extends to illustrations.

Log Burner Stove and Shelving Detail

Writing Desk Where The Magic Happens - Under Skylight

The writers desk itself is a relatively modest affair but does sit beneath an enormous skylight which presents a view of London’s ever changing weather.

“The design responds to the client’s passion for children’s literature and mythologies.The space is conceived as a haven in the city; a fairy-tale hut at the bottom of the garden where the client can retreat and immerse himself in his work.” – WSD Architecture

Fairytale Writer's Shed by WSD Architecture Glowing in the Evening from a Distance

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  1. Amy Nash

    God this is great.I’ve always loved wooden, studio-like type of houses. Big open spaces and glass walls. The interior is great also, I really love the bright colors. It looks like something IKEA would design. But it’s great nevertheless.

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