Hexagonal Honey Bottle Packaging Concept by Maksim Arbuzov

Scattered Hexagon Honey Bottles of Clover, Wildflower and Buckwheat by Pavel Gubin and Maksim Arbuzov

In the past I’ve often found it quite hard to get excited about packaging design but this honey bottle concept by Maksim Arbuzov has completely changed my perspective. The hexagonal glass bottles are of course inspired by honeycombs and the minimalistic labelling allows the vibrant warm colours of the honey varieties to shine through.

Interlocking Hexagon Honey Bottle Concept by Maksim Arbuzov

There’s a reason that beehive honeycombs are hexagonal – it’s the most efficient shape found in nature – and this means that minimal material is needed to form them and no space is wasted between the cells. The mimicking of this shape in the honey concept packaging allows the hexagon bottles to interlock and form amazing grids displays for shop shelves.

These stacked grids are built up from a wooden base and the three lower sides of each hexagon bottle have indentations to accommodate the caps of adjacent bottles. The differing colours of the different honey varieties: Buckwheat, Clover and Wildflower, look very vibrant when arranged at random and help to define the hexagonal shapes of the bottles.

Hexagon Honey Bottles in Wooden Crate by Maksim Arbuzov and Pavel Gubin

Stacked Hexagon Honey Bottles by Maksim Arbuzov

The honey bottles are complimented by an oiled wood cap and an attached honey dipper. The wood grain of these fixtures is very diverse and it looks like they could be made from acacia wood, which incidentally is another popular variety of monofloral honey. The natural wooden lids are also hexagonal in shape and slide onto the neck of the bottles with 6 grooves to ensure that the hexagon has the correct orientation to fit into adjacent bottle’s notch. An integrated honey dipper is also included which is a nice touch and it is stored inside the bottle when not in use to keep messiness to a minimum.

Included Wooden Honey Dipper in Lid of Bottle

Clover Honey Packaging Concept

Maksim Arbuzov and Pavel Gubin wanted to represent the natural qualities of the product in the packaging and this is typically very hard to achieve with a minimalistic design. The simple hexagon shape and the ‘MADE BY BEES’ label certainly show off the origins of the honey and there are no kitsch bears trying to shy away from the fact that honey is essentially bee vomit which is just great.

Row of 3 Hexagon Honey Bottle Packing by Maksim Arbuzov

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  1. Teresa Somoza-Raz

    Hello there, I am also wondering if these bottles are for sale, the sizes they come in and the cost per unit. Thank you.

  2. Darren Millar

    are these avalaible for purchase if so please advise on cost

  3. Aristeides

    Great job amazing bottle….I would like to know more about the price and if I could order it from where.
    Thank you

  4. Gleb Tihomirov

    How can i buy this package? I am a beekeeper and i want around 200 pieces. Thank you!

  5. richard

    Its a nice design, perhaps it will be difficult to get all the honey out with a small opening, depending if its big enough for a teaspoon?

  6. Irene Couso

    Good morning, im the manager of s spanish gourmet restaurant. Can i have the information of where can i buy the exagonal honey bottle?
    Thank you so much,
    Best regards

    1. Edina Bobrovniczka

      Good evening from Greece. I’m a beekeepper and I’m interested in buying your lovely hexagonal jar. how can i buy it and how much money does it make ?? thanks.

  7. Ankit Singh

    How can i buy this package? I am a beekeeper and i want around 200 pieces. Thank you!

  8. Cansu

    How can i buy this package? I am a beekeeper and i want around 200 pieces. Thank you!

  9. Percy Brady

    Need pricing on hexagonal Honey Bottles, product made by Bees Label.
    Quantity of 50, Thank you

  10. Syed Mohammad ejaz

    I am a polination provider,am working with thousand colonies,,wild / organic honey is my byproduct,,,,I want bottles for honey packaging and lable printing as well.my consignment is considerably huge.i want to settle on seasonal contract with you.hope u acknoeledge and respond.confirm capacity with price per bottle.
    shall b greatful

    1. Homeli Author

      This is only a blog post about these bottles, it was only ever a concept but get in touch with the designer Maksim Arbuzov if you’re interested in using them.

  11. Dennis

    Great job amazing bottle….I would like to know more about the price and if I could order it from where.
    Thank you

    1. Elizabeth Stuhlreyer

      Hi – Sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you ever found out where the bottles could be purchased? I’ve seen them all over the website but no luck finding where to buy them. Thanks for your help!

  12. Danny

    I am a Beekeeper looking for innovative packaging and like what I see here. Are these bottles available for purchase?

    1. yashar

      hi sharif , im looking for the empty bottle to ,i think u know me right ?!

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