The Weight of Words: Pens & Case in Brass and Walnut by Ystudio

Taiwanese design group Ystudio have created this series of pens which they describe as ‘lifetime stationary’. Made from traditional heavy and durable materials such solid brass, copper and bronze, the writing implements have some pretty serious heft to them. This led to the collection being named ‘The Weight of Words’ after the common idiom.

Copper, Brass and Bronze Metal Pen Detailing by Ystudio

Ystudio Brass Pen Series on Table with Minimalist Packaging

The most qualified materials are selected, expected to be a lifetime stationary.Ystudio

Pen Case by Ystudio in Walnut and Brass

Ystudio have also designed an accompanying pen case, which in essence is more of a cylindrical canister. The body of the case is made of walnut, while a separate brass cap screws on seamlessly.

The Weight of Words Series Packaging by Ystudio

Brass Hexagonal Rollerball Pen by Ystudio

With the heaviness of the materials, the user can be reminded of the concept “the weight of characters”. The ineligible weight will always remind the user to be fully responsible for every character he has written down.Ystudio

Mechanical Pencils in Brass and Copper by Ystudio

Ystudio intend that both the walnut wood and brass elements of their stationary darken over time with skin contact and age gracefully. However they also point out that the patinas that develop on the copper and bronze surfaces can be easily reset by applying simple bronze oil.

Using Cannister Pen Case by Ystudio

Bronze and wenge wood are both light, fresh and pure in the beginning, but will be darker with more writing, fused into the writings of the user and past memories and thus the concept “warmness of writing” is brought up.Ystudio

Copper, Brass and Bronze Metal Pen Detailing by Ystudio

The Weight of Words Pens by Ystudio certainly aren’t cheap with prices ranging between €70 and €100, while the cylindrical pen case costs €120. The best place to purchase items from the series online is Kohezi, a minimalist stationary shop.

Ystudio Brass and Copper Rollerball Pen in Wood Case

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