The Living Cube by Till Koenneker

The Living Cube in a Studio Apartment

The Living Cube was designed by Till Koenneker and presents an ingenious way to turn a studio apartment that lacks storage into a comfortable but unorthodox living space. He drew up his sketches and Remo Zimmerli of Shreinerei Holzlabor made them a reality. The unit is just 4 meters by 1.4 meters and 2.05 meters high but in this space Till has managed to fit a lot. This includes an extensive storage wall similar to an Ikea Expedit shelf, a bed on the top accessible by a ladder, and a room within the cube itself which could make an ideal office space or music studio although Till appears to be using it as an additional storage shed.

Climbing the ladder of the Living Cube

On one hand the Living Cube shows how compactly we can live and fit our lives into very small spaces but before we declare the housing shortage over, it’s worth bearing in mind that you need to already have a large space to live in which to fit a Living Cube. However this kind of unit can be a great way to make sense of living in a cavernous and not all that cosy space such as a warehouse, studio or even a disused church. It could also be a great solution for a group of people sharing a large space to have individual Living Cubes in a similar way to the plywood Sleeping Pods by Sibling Nation.

Side View of the Living Cube Storage and Bed

The Living Cube by Till Koenneker

View Inside the Living Cube Internal Room

While this might appear to just be another designer’s concept, the Living Cube generated so much interest and received such a positive response that Till Koenneker has begun offering a service to make them. In fact you can now buy your own customisable Living Cube configuration and select which specifications you require online.

The Bed on top of the Living Cube

LP Shelf and Clothing Rack on the side of the Living Cube

These include options such as what kind of shelving you’d like in the front, the width or height of the cube, and how many walls the cube requires (whether it’ll be place in the middle of a room, against a wall or in a corner). It’s probably quite obvious to see how these factors will affect the final cost of your Living Cube but there’s no mention of specific prices on the site, only a rough price range of $2,500-$10,000. The Living Cubes officially go on sale on the 1st of January 2014 but you can fill out this form in advance with your specifications to pre-order and to get a price for your desired configuration.

Shoe Shelf on the Living Cube by Till Koenneker

Close-up of the Living Cube Ladder

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