ONYX Sofa in Carbon Fibre and Volcanic Rock by Peugeot Design Lab

Full Length View of the Onyx Sofa by Peugeot Design Lab for Milan Design Week 2014

Peugeot Design Lab have unveiled their ONYX furniture collection, which they will be showcasing at the 2014 Milan Design Week. The ONYX Sofa is the centrepiece of this collection and is composed of a mix between manmade carbon fibre and handworked natural volcanic rock, with a distinctive bond where the two contrasting material meet.

Close-up of the Bond Between Carbon Fibre and Volcanic Rock in Onyx Sofa

The other objects from the furniture collection – which features an armchair, lamp and table – are also composites between luxurious natural and man made materials. Examples of these pairings include obsidian with concrete, quartz with aluminium, black palm with basalt, marsh oak with Corian, and ferrous jasper with steel as pictured in the armchair below.

Onyx Armchair in Jasper and Steel by Peugeot Design Lab

Aluminium and Quartz Lamp and Coffee Table from Onyx Furniture Collection by Peugeot Design Lab

Peugeot might be better known for their automotive division but this brand isn’t all just about cars. The multi-faceted industrial giant has been operating for 200 years – as opposed to just 120 years of car manufacturing – and also produces kitchenware and tools. The Peugeot Design Lab was launched in 2012 as a further extension of the brand for concept designs and to cater design services to external clients.

Onyx Car Concept by Peugeot Design Lab

The Peugeot Design Lab was also behind the trio of ONYX super vehicle concepts shown back in 2012, which included a car, a scooter and a bicycle. These were all finished in a mix of carbon fibre and copper with the sharply contrasting panels being akin to the ONYX furniture collection’s bold lines and juxtaposition between natural and manmade materials.

Onyx Bicycle Concept by the Peugeot Design Lab

Onyx Sofa in Carbon Fibre and Volcanic Rock by Peugeot Design Lab

The ONYX sofa comes with the sizeable price tag of €135,000 but it is worth considering the fact that it took 70 days to make. Peugeot Design Lab are planning to continue producing one-off bespoke designs to clients with custom materials selected by the client.

At the rear of the ONYX sofa on either side of the linear division are labels which denote the material used, as well as the co-ordinates at which the components were produced – whether through mining or industrial processes. We saw a similar sort of respect for materials in the Ninebyfour light by Waarmakers in which the co-ordinates relating to the former location of the trees used were stamped onto the cork.

Peugeot Design Lab Marking on the Rear of Onyx Sofa with Material Location Co-ordinates

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