Sunny: Abstract Shadow Illusion Furniture Series by Dmitry Kozinenko

Sunny Abstract Shadow Illusion Furniture Series by Dmitry Kozinenko

Dmitry Kozinenko is a Ukrainian furniture designer with a fascinating portfolio on Behance. Many of his designs remain as concepts but have garnered a lot of attention online and have real potential for production due to their relatively simple constructions, and unique aesthetics.

Sunny Furniture Series by Dmitry Kozinenko

Sunny Shadow Illusion Shelving Modules by Dmitry Kozinenko

Simple cut-outs and abstract shading techniques have played a part in many of Dmitry Kozinenko previous works including ‘In The Fog’. This furniture series featured circular halftone gradient cut-outs in its metal sheeting to create a subtle illusion in much the same way as ‘Sunny’, the primary focus of this feature.

Sunny Shelving by Dmitry Kozinenko

Sunny Tromp L'oiel Illusion Shadow Furniture

‘Sunny’ features an array of furniture pieces including coffee tables, vertical shelves, wall-mounted shelf modules, and a side table. The series is defined by the illusions of shadow it creates through the use of hatched lines at bold 45° angles which lay flat against the floor or wall.

Sunny Coffee Tables with Hatched Shadows

These are of course primarily for decoration, and to make the Sunny furniture series more visually engaging. But they also add a degree of structural stability to the furniture, and allow the corners of two separate pieces from the series to fit together perpendicularly as pictured below.

Close-up of Sunny Shadow Shelves by Dmitry Kozinenko

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