Fragment Geometric Minimalist Christmas Decorations by Fundamental

Fragment Decorations by Fundamental

Who says Christmas decorations have to be tacky? These beautiful geometric customisable decorations by Fundamental add a touch of refined elegance to a field which has been getting more and more garish over the years. Fundamental are a German design group who are completely open about their obsession with sprawling geometric repetitions in their work. We previously featured their Push bowls in our Christmas gift ideas post and their Herakles table in our geometric furniture feature.

The germans certainly have a rich heritage when it comes to creating Christmas decorations having been responsible for baubles, tinsel and of course for popularising the Christmas tree in the first place. Fundamental will hopefully continue this tradition with their tesselating geometric Fragment pendant decorations which were designed by Oya-Meryem Yanik.

Trio Set of Fundamental Fragmente Christmas Decorations

Due to the random and irregular feel Fundamental are trying to create in their Fragmemt decorations, they’re made in varying lengths and revolve around two different geometric shapes: triangles and pentagons. The decorations come as flat sheets with the shapes scored in leaving it up to the tree decorator to form their desired ornament by bending the metal. This means that every individual decoration will be unique and makes them in a sense DIY Christmas decorations.

Fragment Decorations Folded by Hand

I haven’t personally handled a Fragment decoration yet but from the images they look like they might have quite pointy corners along with sharp edges and so bending the shapes might not be an easy task for children. Fragment decorations are made of 0.3mm thick sheets made of brass with a warm gold colour.

They’re being sold by Fundamental as either an 8 piece set (8er) for €31 or as a 3 piece set (Trio) for €19. While it might look at first glance like the 8 piece set offers far better value, this isn’t strictly the case as the 8er set appears to contain a number of very small fragment decorations whereas the Trio set is pictured as containing 3 medium to large sized configurations. However the 8 piece set gives you a wide range of sizes which in my opinion look great when combined and mixed up. Fundamental are offering free delivery to Europe although delivery to the USA only costs $4.75 for the 8 piece Fragmente set.

Minimalist Geometric Christmas Decorations by Fundamental

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