10 Super Simple Modern DIY Christmas Decorations

Paper Craft 3D Icicle Balls

These paper decorations that resemble sea-urchins might look complicated but are actually very simple to make. Assembling them might be a bit fiddly and time consuming but the process to make these paper craft 3D icicle ball decorations is clearly laid out here.


Felt Ogee Swirl Pendant Decoration

Easy to Make Felt Ogee Swirl Christmas Decoration

Another Christmas decoration which might look complex but is actually very simple to make, this swirling ogee pendant decoration made from thick felt can be made following these instructions.


Minimalist Perforated Conical Tabletop Christmas Trees

These abstract Christmas trees make great dining table centrepieces and can even be fitted with LED lights. Instructions to make them from papier-mache cones, which can be found in most craft stores, are available here.


Geometric 3D Straw Christmas Tree Decoration

Geometric Straw DIY Christmas Tree Ornament

I love these super simple Geometric Straw Ornaments which are made out of cut drinking straws with sewing thread running through. Basically any 3 dimensional shape can be made in this way and you can also use rolled up paper if you want to get even more creative.


Hanging Snowflakes Made Out of Ice Lolly Sticks

These hanging snow flakes are absolutely unmistakable and upcycle old ice lolly (popsicle) sticks making them eco-friendly too. You might have to have been saving up the sticks since summer though as popsicles aren’t exactly seasonal and you definitely need a lot to make snowflakes this complex.


String Art Star and Tree Christmas Card Holders

Christmas Tree Card Holder Made of String Art

String Art DIY Christmas Decoration AnimationThese awesome DIY string art installations also serve as Christmas card holders and you can decorate them with other ornaments in the same way as an ordinary Christmas tree. All you need to do is fit a set of removable picture frame hanging clips in an outwards facing triangle and connect the dots with string. Full instructions are available here and this animated image demonstrates how to form the 9 pointed star.


Minimalist Plywood Christmas Stockings

Perhaps children won’t easily understand the minimalistic charm of a plain plywood Christmas stocking but it definitely looks amazing with this interior design. The box is detachable and sticks to the plywood stocking with a magnet. This one is a bit more involved to make involving some carpentry but full instructions can be found here.


Colourful Modern Felt Ball Christmas Wreath

This colourful modern Christmas wreath looks absolutely amazing but must have been very time consuming to make. It’s made of felt balls which you can buy or make yourself by rolling up carded wall with soap, although these are threaded and then sewn around a standard straw wreath. Read detailed instructions for this felt ball Christmas wreath here.


Wooden Minimalist Geometric Christmas Tree Decorations

These Geometric Minimalist Christmas Trees make great tabletop decorations and are simply made of triangular sheets of balsa wood with bold shapes painted on. Tape was used to easily get super-clean painted lines and two of these triangles with slots cut in lock together to form a minimalist abstract Christmas tree shape.


Driftwood Christmas Trees

This is certainly one of the larger DIY christmas decoration projects featured in this list but bear in mind you can also make smaller versions for tabletop decorations and centrepieces. The full sized Christmas tree as featured here is actually a product sold on Etsy but if you have access to lots of dried driftwood then you could have a go at making your own.

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