Pod Space Modular Garden Offices and Studios

Eco Pod Garden Studio by Pod Space UK

Pod Space have designed a series of incrementally sized garden offices and studios including the Micro Pod, Micro Max Pod, Mini Pod, Glide Pod and the Eco Pod. That’s a lot of pods, with prices starting at £10,890 + VAT for the Micro Pod and ranging up to £35,990 + VAT for the Eco Pod. These prices includes and installation, with a small additional fee for foundation work and power connection if necessary.

Eco Pod Interior with Roof Light Designed by Pod Space Architects UK

Garden Studio Office by Pod Space and Peter Guthrie

Bespoke Residential Pods by Pod Space Architecture UK

The architects also design Bespoke Residential Pods which feature a similar design aesthetic but have a more modular composition. However the company obviously can’t offer a simple price list for unique full-scale dwellings in the same manner as these ‘off the shelf’ garden studios.

Glide Pod Garden Office Studio by Pod Space

Glide Pod Exterior Facade

Interior Space of Eco Pod by Pod Space UK

Glide Pod Garden Office Rendering by Peter Guthrie

If you want to see modular work pods then check out EcoSpace’s garden studios which are in the same price range and have a similar overall design. We’ve also featured MINI MOD by MAPAÁbaton’s ÁPH80 portable cement-board houses as well as this list of upcycled shipping container homes.

Mini Pod Garden Office Studio by Pod Space UK

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